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Below is a summary of the various categories of Norway visa, allowing you to live, work or study in the country for a specified period of time. Visit the Norway Immigration page to find out how to move to Norway permanently.

Work Visa to Norway

There are several categories of employment-based Norway visa. These include a Norwegian visa for skilled workers, unemployed jobseekers, self-employed workers and low-skilled workers, allowing applicants to work in Norway for varying periods of time. Find out more about the Norway visa requirements by visiting the Norway Work Permit page, or click on the free assessment to find out if you qualify now.

Student Visa for Norway

Students with a visa for Norway are allowed to live and study in Norway for the duration of their course. A Norway visa is usually only available for studies at colleges and universities, although other types of study may qualify in some circumstances. Visit the Norway Student Visa page for full details, or take the free assessment to start applying for your visa to Norway now.

Family-based Norway visa

You can obtain a Norway visa based on a family connection in the country. The fiancé of a Norwegian can obtain a visa for six months in order to marry. Parents or children of a Norwegian can obtain a visa that must be renewed every 12 months. Other types of family connection may also be eligible for a Norway visa in exceptional circumstances. Take the free assessment to find out if your family connections entitle you to a Norwegian visa.

Other categories of Norway visa

Other Norway visa categories include:

  • A visitor’s visa for Norway, valid for up to 90 days
  • A Norway visa for medical treatment
  • A Norwegian visa for performing artists
  • A Norway visa for exceptional circumstances, including for emergency purposes or on humanitarian grounds

Take the free assessment to find out if any of the above categories of visa to Norway apply to you. The free assessment tool allows for your details to be reviewed by one of our experts, who will then contact you within 24 hours to discuss your Norway visa requirements. Find out further information on our Norway Immigration page.