Move to South Africa

Moving to South Africa has never been quicker or easier thanks to Global Visas’ team of immigration experts. They work hard to ensure that our clients receive their visas for South Africa in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of effort. Because each visa has its own processing times and fees, the timescale for moving to South Africa can vary a great deal; some visas are processed in a matter of days whereas more complex cases can take years. The SA authorities are responsible for the actual processing of visas, so both the times and fees are subject to change by them not by Global Visas. We would always suggest that our clients wait before financially committing themselves to any travel arrangements or any other such thing which may be affected by delays in processing.

There are so many ways of migrating to South Africa and Global Visas are the world’s leading South African immigration specialists, so we know just the right visa for you. If you would like more information on migrating to South Africa then why not take our free online assessment right now? Below are just some of the different ways that you may be eligible for migrating to this amazing country:


Family and Partner Visas


If you are related or married to a South African citizen or permanent resident then you could be eligible for a spousal or relative visa. We love reuniting families and helping spouses to be with their partner in South Africa, and our feedback shows that we’re doing a great job. Because each visa has its own unique benefits and requirements, you should get in touch with us right now to discuss the perfect visa for your needs. Global Visas have been helping our clients move abroad to be with their loved ones since 1996, so taking advantage of our years of expertise is the best way to start your South African story.




Working in SA can be extremely rewarding both personally and financially. What could be better than earning your way to South African residency or simply being part of a lucrative and ever-growing economy? Millions of workers are already enjoying the benefits of life in South Africa, and we’re proud to say that many of them used the world’s best immigration consultancy to obtain their visas. Global Visas’ network of South African employment contacts means that our clients are constantly updated with the best jobs available in South Africa, which makes applying for the right jobs so quick and easy.


Citizenship and Permanent Residency



Once you’ve moved to South Africa you may want to become a permanent resident or citizen and Global Visas can help you there, too. Gaining citizenship or permanent resident status is so important to our clients who have been living and working in South Africa for years; they want to feel an official part of the country they have been a part of for so long, and helping them to achieve this is so satisfying for all of our team.