South Africa Business Visa

Gaining a Business Visa for South Africa could be the best decision you’ve ever made. The country is undergoing huge changes right now and this exciting, growing economy is attracting thousands of foreign business investors each and every year. Our business clients see South Africa as a country with huge potential, both socially and economically; they feel that now is the right time to make the move to Africa’s most affluent nation to gain a piece of the action. Whether you already run a business and want to expand into South Africa or you’re looking to set-up or invest in a South African company, then Global Visas are ready and waiting to help right now. Few countries can boast the current business potential of South Africa and the smart money is already flooding into the Rainbow Nation, so don’t miss out!

Global Visas could have you doing business in South Africa in no time! Our team work tirelessly to secure our clients’ business visas in just a matter of weeks, so they can focus on the more important things in life. Ordinarily business visas for South Africa are processed in just a few months but this processing time is determined by the authorities in SA and not by Global Visas. Because of this, we recommend that our clients do not purchase any tickets in advance of having their visa application approved.


In order for your case to be successful, you will need to demonstrate that you have enough capital to invest in a South African business. This amount is subject to change by the South African authorities but currently stands at around 2.5m rand, which will need to be kept in the business or businesses for 5 years. However, certain industries that the SA government deems important can be eligible for discounted rates- for more information regarding these industries, or investing in SA generally, please get in touch with our team right away.


Because of the nature of this visa type, you will not be required to have a job offer from a South African company in order to be eligible. However, any dependents that you bring along on your visa will not be allowed to work or study in the country. If you would like to arrange a different visa for your family, please contact us to find out more. With a success rate of over 98%, we’re sure to be able to help you and your family move to South Africa quickly and easily. Why run the risk of having your business visa rejected when our service is the world’s number one?



After a few years of running your business in South Africa, business visa holders are usually allowed to apply for permanent residency in the country, although this is subject to certain rules regarding behaviour. So, not only does the South Africa business visa give our clients the right to run a business in the country but it also provides an excellent opportunity to gain citizenship in this amazing, diverse land.