South African Tourist Visa

South Africa has long been one of the must-see destinations for tourists from all over the globe. Millions visit the Rainbow Nation every year and we’re proud to say that we help thousands of them to get their tourists visas processed quickly and easily. Why spend your time filling out complicated forms and completing boring paperwork when you could be planning your trip to Cape Town, Johannesburg or any one of South Africa’s beautiful destinations? Applying for a SA tourist visa through Global Visas really does take all of the stress out of your visa application. When you’re planning a dream trip to South Africa, always choose the world’s biggest immigration consultancy; our global accreditations and offices worldwide mean that ours is a name you can trust.  

There are relatively few barriers to getting your South Africa tourist visa approved, as the standards for entry are simply not as strict as for other visa types. However, the SA authorities will take into consideration any serious criminal or medical history into account in order to protect the citizens of South Africa.  To find out more about the entry requirement for a South African tourist visa, or any other visa type, why not chat with our team right now? Our expertise could make all the difference in having your visa approved rather than rejected.


Tourist visas are always very quick to process and we generally have our clients’ cases processed in just a few weeks. That means it’s now easier and quicker than ever to book your dream holiday to South Africa. The actual processing of the visa application is done by the South African government and not by Global Visas, meaning that we are unable to alter the times for processing or the costs charged by the SA authorities. Because of this, we would strongly recommend that our clients do not purchase any tickets for travel before their visa application has been approved.


A holiday in South Africa is a trip of a lifetime. The country is famed for its amazing landscapes, climate and friendly people, so there’s always so much to do in this beautiful country when you’re on holiday. As tourism is a major industry of SA, you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to hotels, restaurants and entertainment all over the country. The South African way of life is the perfect way to spend your time off work and by arranging your visa through Global Visas, you can put your feet up while our team do all the hard work for you.  Don’t run the risk of having your holiday plans being put in jeopardy- many of our clients come to us after their initial application has been rejected and they’ve spent thousands on travel arrangements, so don’t leave it to chance and get it done right the first time round!



So, what are you waiting for? Your holiday of a lifetime could be just around the corner when you arrange your visa with Global Visas- the world’s largest and best-known immigration and employment consultancy.