South African Work Permit

A South African work permit gives our client the chance to live and work in beautiful South Africa for one to three years. Now that investment is flowing into the country, new businesses and industries are appearing all the time, making a lot of work for native South Africans and migrant workers, too. The South African government is always looking to bolster the SA economy with skilled foreign workers who are needed to fill holes in the South African workforce. You, too, could be on your way to working in South Africa with Global Visas who make every application stress-free and fast. Helping people to move to SA since 1996 means that there isn’t much we don’t know about South African immigration law and this expertise translates into a success rate of over 98%. So, it’s easy to see why we’re the world’s number one immigration and employment consultancy.

In order for your case to be accepted, you will need to provide evidence that you have been offered a job with a South African business. Our global network of recruiters make life easy for our clients who are looking to find work in SA. Because we have been helping our clients to move to South Africa since 1996, we have built up a great employment network in the country and can provide all-important contacts to our clients, which makes looking for work easy.


Additionally, you will need to prove that you are qualified to an internationally-recognised standard. Usually, the minimum requirement for entry to South Africa is having a 1-year diploma, although this may be overlooked should your work skills and experience are considered important enough to the government of South Africa. The list of which jobs are currently needed in SA is updated constantly by the government there, so to find out whether your skills are needed in South Africa right now, get in touch with us to find out more- a new life working in South Africa could be closer than you think!


If you are thinking of taking your family to South Africa as well, then they will need to apply for their own individual visas as they will not be allowed to work or study on this visa. For help and advice on bringing your dependents to South Africa with you, get in touch with our team today who will provide you with all the answers to your immigration questions.



What’s more, South African work permits are some of the fastest visas to process, so you could be working in South Africa before you know it. Generally, we could expect to have your work permit processed in a matter of weeks but it’s worth pointing out that the processing itself is done by the South African government and not by us. Due to this, we are unable to control the times of processing and would advise our clients not to book any tickets for travel before their visa has been successfully processed.