South Korea Work Visa

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South Korea is a diverse country and offers many types of working visa, some of which you will find below. Applying for a visa to work in Korea is a complicated process. Cut through immigration jargon by taking our simple free assessment today to find out which visa you require.

Short Term Employment Visa

If you plan on working in Korea for 90 days or less you can apply for a short-term employment visa. These types of visa are usually awarded to artists or sports people performing in the country for a limited period only or business or research professionals who wish to work in Korea temporarily.

Professional Employment Visa

If you wish to work in South Korea on a more permanent basis you can apply for a professional employment visa. This type of work visa for South Korea is usually awarded to doctors, medical interns, business people invited to work in the country, and aircraft pilots recommended by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation.

Foreign Language Instructor Visa (or E2 visa, Korea)

The “foreign language instructor” category of South Korea work visa is awarded to language teachers accepted to work in educational establishments of primary school level and above. The main requirement is that the applicant must have a bachelor degree or above and a teaching qualification in this subject from his or her country of origin. Take the free assessment to start applying today.

Working Holiday Visa

Generally if you are between the ages of 18 and 25, (older for some nationalities), and from a country which has signed the Tourism Employment Agreement, you can apply for a working holiday visa in Korea. Find out if your country of origin is signed up by taking the Global Visas free assessment. Find out further information on our Study in Korea page.