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Pathways to Spanish Immigration

The following is a guide to immigration to Spain to live in the country permanently. Find out about temporary visa options by visiting the Spain Visa Requirements page. There are two main ways to reside permanently in the country and these are taking up a residence visa or applying for citizenship. Find out which one you qualify for by taking the free assessment.

Residence Visa

A Spain residence permit – entitling the holder to live permanently in the country – can be obtained in a number of ways. If you have an offer of employment you can apply to the Spain immigration department for a long–term visa to work in the country which will also entitle you to immigrate to Spain permanently (or for as long as you have work). Emigrating to Spain is also possible if you are retired. For this you will need proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the duration of your stay and a medical certificate. Finally migration to Spain is also an option if you have a close family member who has resided in the country for over a year and had their residence permit for Spain renewed. Family members eligible for this type of visa include the spouse or minor children of the permit holder or their elderly parents. Find out if you are eligible by taking the free assessment.

Applying for Citizenship

Some nationalities can apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years of continual and legal residence in the country. In addition, if married to a Spanish national, some nationalities can apply for citizenship after just one year. In every case, to obtain permanent immigration to Spain under the Spanish citizenship law, a person must renounce his or her original nationality. Find out more information about working in Spain and applying for a work visa. Take the free assessment to find out if you qualify.