Sweden Immigration

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Below is guide to the various pathways to permanent immigration to Sweden.

Permanent Sweden Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit is your patheway to living in Sweden permanently. The permit is valid as long as you are living in Sweden, and Swedish immigration laws state that the permit becomes invalid if you leave the country for 12 months or more. Eligibility depends on a number of factors. You will usually become eligible for permanent Sweden immigration if you live in the country for 48 months or more. However there are easier pathways to Sweden immigration if you have family in the country.

Joining family

If you have close family members who are Swedish citizens/permanent residents, you may be entitled to join them permanently in Sweden. Under Sweden immigration laws “close family” refers to a spouse, fiancé, parent or child. Permanent residence will be granted to close family members in most cases, although couples will need to have lived together for two years or more in the applicant’s country of origin. For relationships less than two years old, a two-year residence permit will initially be granted. Find out if your family connections make you eligible for immigration to Sweden by taking the free assessment. Simply click on the button to start your Sweden immigration today.

Sweden Citizenship

Qualifying for citizenship under Sweden immigration rules depends on your individual circumstances. If you are a foreign citizen, you must have been living in Sweden for five years. This is reduced to four years for stateless people, while people living in Sweden with a Swedish citizen can qualify after three years. Global Visas can help you apply for your immigration to Sweden with our expert advice. Take the free assessment to start your Swedish immigration now. Find out further information on our Swedish Visa page.