Sweden Work Permit

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Sweden Work Permit

A Sweden work permit allows you to live and work in Sweden for the duration of an employment contract. The maximum period is two years, although this can be extended. To be eligible for working in Sweden, you must have an offer of employment. In addition, the company must have advertised the position in Sweden for 10 days or more. There are also income and contractual requirements that need to be met. Click on the free assessment button to find out if you qualify for a standard Sweden work permit.

Sportspeople and performers working in Sweden

Special categories of Sweden work permit exist for both sportspeople and performers to work in Sweden. Both visas last the duration of a contract, 12 months at a time. Sportspeople must meet a range of criteria to ensure they are of a professional standard, while performers must have a contract with a Swedish promoter. Take the free assessment to find out if you have the talent to qualify for either category of work permit in Sweden.

Working Holiday Visa Sweden

Sweden has an agreement with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea, allowing citizens of each country to live and work in Sweden for 12 months or less. This category of Sweden work visa is only available to 18-30 year-olds, and the purpose of their stay in Sweden must be primarily for holiday/travel purposes. Take the free assessment to find out if you meet all eligibility requirements.

Other work in Sweden

Sweden offers a range of specific categories of Sweden work visa. These include visas for au pair, berry pickers, graduating students, short-term employment and researchers. The free assessment allows you to find out how to qualify for any of these visas, so click on the button below to find the best Sweden work permit for you.

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