Swiss Work Permit

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Switzerland Work Permit

Applicants are divided into two types of people when applying for a work permit for Switzerland. Those who are members of the European Community are allowed to live and work in Switzerland already, and so do not need a Swiss work permit. However, those who are Third Country Nationals and not citizens of the European Community will need a visa for working in Switzerland.

The Swiss work permit can only be submitted by an employer on behalf of someone who would like to work in Switzerland. It must be proved by the employer that the provision of a work permit for Switzerland will not result in a Swiss resident or citizen missing out on the opportunity to work in the company. However, this Local Worker Priority does not apply to intra-company transfers of executives or highly qualified specialists who will be working in Switzerland.

There are many a short-term residence and work permit for Switzerland available if you are only staying for one year. These can be renewed once and only for a total of 18 months, for further education or similar activities.

Switzerland work permits "B" for stays of more than one year first available for one year and can then be extended as needed. A Switzerland work permit that falls under the federal quota system is granted to qualified specialists. Alternatively, for temporary activities, a Swiss work permit for up to four years can be gained. Find out further information on our Switzerland Student Visa page.