Long Term Residency Visa

Global Visas is the world's leading immigration and employment consultancy with offices all over the world and many years' experience in helping people to move to the UK. We pass these years of experience onto our clients who now enjoy a success rate of over 98%. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the real UK immigration experts right now!

Becoming a long-term resident of the UK is so important to many of our clients who have been living and working in the UK for some time. They come to us to provide them with stability and acceptance into the UK culture, and we're always more than happy to help. With our team of dedicated immigration professionals behind you, you're sure to make your case for Long Term UK residency quick and easy.

Some of our clients remain with us for years. Their travels across the globe mean that they’re always in need of a new visa, work permit or job and we’re always here to help them. Of course, there are times when our clients go on holiday somewhere and just completely fall in love with the place. Not long after, we get another call from them asking us for advice on just how to stay in the country of their dreams. We’re always so happy when we’re able to help someone do this and this is one such example:

“My journey with Global Visas began almost ten years ago. I was looking to secure a study permit for the UK as I had been accepted on a course there, so I used their service to help me. It didn’t take me long to completely fall in love with the UK while I was studying there, which is why I needed to call Global Visas again to see whether I could stay. Their friendly, helpful team explained everything to me in great detail and if I was curious about anything I just had to ask. They knew so much about immigration and what I needed to look out for- I really felt as though I was in safe hands dealing with them.  Not only did my student visa request go through without any problems but they were able to help me find a job after my degree too. This was a major factor in being allowed to stay in the UK and Global Visas’ employment team helped me find the perfect job. Since living in the UK, I’ve used Global Visas’ services several times for when I needed visas for holidays or work. I can’t recommend their services highly enough and I’ll certainly be using them in the near future.”