US Business Visitors (B1)

The US B1 Visas gives our clients the right to live and work in America for a temporary period up to a maximum of one year. This is seen as a temporary way to American immigration for our client to work on a project or take up a short-term contract. If you are interested in more permanent routes to US immigration or would like more information about this particular visa, please take our free online assessment and one of our friendly team will be in touch shortly. Global Visas provide a completely comprehensive immigration and employment service, so not only can we handle all of the hard work of immigration paperwork but we can also help you find employment, too. Since being established by an ex-immigration officer in 1996, we have built up a great network of American employers who are looking to hire overseas talent. We hand-pick suitable jobs in the US for our clients who are then able to apply quickly and easily, with a great rate of success.

The US B1 visa is one of the fastest ways to move to America, and with Global Visas you could expect to have your case processed in a matter of weeks. Because we only employ specially trained immigration experts to handle our clients’ cases, you are sure to enjoy complete peace of mind when you work with us. However, we would like to note that the times and fees for processing are not determined by us; they are, instead, controlled by the US immigration authorities and, as such, are subject to change. Therefore we would always strongly recommend that our clients wait for their case to be approved before they commit themselves financially to any such thing which may be adversely affected by a delay in processing. There is typically a fee of a couple of hundred dollars for this visa, although this amount is subject to change by the American authorities.


For your case to be accepted, you will need to demonstrate that you have the requisite academic qualification or an equivalent in business experience. This means that you should have an internationally-recognised bachelor’s degree or above, a specialism which is beneficial to the US, or at least 12 years’ experience in business. Because such evidence is often subjective, it is vital that you get the real experts working on your case. We know just how to prepare our clients’ cases for success and gathering this evidence is key to obtaining your US B1 Visa. Our team have been helping people to relocate to the US since 1996, so we know all there is to know about US immigration law and we pass this intimate knowledge onto our clients.



One of the benefits of this particular visa is that you will not need to provide maintenance. What this means is that, to qualify, you do not have to demonstrate a financial ability to support yourself for the duration of the visa. This is especially important to our clients who are moving to America temporarily in search of work because it does not set the bar too high for entry.