US E2 Treaty Investor Visas

US E2 Visas give our clients the right to live and work in the US temporarily in order to invest or do business in the country. This visa is specifically for foreign nationals who wish to make a substantial investment in the USA or will make a significant contribution to the US industry or economy. The amount that constitutes a significant investment is dependent on the circumstances and there is no fixed amount. For different routes to American immigration or to find out more about the US E2 visa, give us a call right now or take our free online assessment. 

You could be jetting off to America in no time thanks to the team here at Global Visas. We work hard to secure our clients’ US E2 visas in just a few months which makes it one of the fastest routes to US immigration. The timescales that come with processing are controlled by the US immigration authorities and not by Global Visas which means we cannot make any guarantees regarding processing times. Because of this, we would always strongly advise our clients not to commit themselves financially to anything which may be affected by a delay in processing which we are unable to control. We know from years of experience that immigration can often be a long process but with our team behind you, you’re sure to have the best chance for success. The government fees for this particular visa currently stand at around a few hundred dollars, although this amount is subject to constant change by the US immigration authorities.

All applicants to the US must be able to show that they are of a good character and are in good health. This can be achieved by providing a police report from your current country of residence along with a medical certificate from a recognised practitioner. For any help in acquiring these documents or for any other information regarding US E2 visas, please get in touch with us right away. Our team of dedicated immigration professionals are sure to be able to answer any questions which you may have about relocating to the USA.

You will not need to secure a job offer from a company in the USA for your case to be accepted. A great benefit of the US E2 visa is that you’re allowed to bring dependents along with you to the USA. This is limited to your immediate family only; relations such as spouse, son or daughter will be accepted. What’s more, after moving to the USA your spouse or partner will be eligible for a work permit so that they can find a job in the USA as well. Because Global Visas is a truly comprehensive US immigration specialist, we can help you to find just the right job for you in America. Our team of employment specialists use our extensive network of US employers to find the perfect job for our clients. It’s this attention to detail which makes us the world’s most trusted name in immigration and employment services.