US H1-B Visas

US H1-B Visas entitle our clients to live and work in the USA for an initial period of three years which may be extended to up to six years. This is an unusual visa type as there are only a limited number of spaces available each year. These visas begin being issued from the first of April each year and are subject to a ‘lottery’ system, which means that roughly half of all applications are accepted. 

Working with Global Visas, you could have your H1-B Visa for the USA processed quickly and easily. Typically, these visas take just a few months to process but there is an option to pay for a premium processing service to have a decision within a few weeks. Because Global Visas do not carry out the processing ourselves, rather this is the responsibility of the US immigration authorities; we cannot give our clients guarantees regarding timescales as they are not in our control. That means that our clients should always wait for a successful outcome for their case before they commit themselves to purchasing anything which may be adversely affected by any delay in processing.


To be eligible for this visa, you will need to have secured a job offer from a company in America. That’s easier than ever thanks to Global Visas’ truly comprehensive immigration and employment service; our clients receive tailored job information from our network of US employers. This gives our clients the cutting edge when it comes to moving to America and securing a job. We have hundreds of positions that our employment network needs to be filled right now, so what are you waiting for? A new life living and working in America could be just around the corner when you arrange your international relocation through Global Visas. Take our free online assessment right now to see if your skills and experience are needed in the USA.


Additionally, you will need to prove that you have the requisite academic qualifications or professional experience. Usually this means having a bachelor’s degree or higher, or at least 12 years’ experience with a relevant business. Gathering and presenting this evidence is often crucial to immigration cases and our expertise in US immigration means we know just how to get the best results. Many clients find providing this information a daunting and confusing process but when you work with Global Visas, the process couldn’t be quicker or easier. You will not need to provide any maintenance to be eligible for this visa which means that you do not need to demonstrate the ability to support yourself financially for the duration of your stay in America.



All applicants to the USA must be able to demonstrate their good health and good character. This is a requirement set out by the US government in order to protect the interests of their country, in keeping potentially dangerous persons out. To demonstrate these points, you will need to obtain two documents. The first is a police report from your current country of residence which will be used as evidence to support your good character. The second is a medical certificate from a recognised doctor which is used to support your claims of good health. For any more information regarding this documentation or if you have any other questions about moving to the USA, contact us right now and we’d love to talk with you. We only employ the very best immigration specialists to provide our world-class customer service; their knowledge gives our clients complete peace of mind when moving to the USA.