US H2-A and H2-B Visas

Moving to the US to find work is part of the American national identity. The country was built on the hard work and determination of migrants looking to carve out a better life for themselves in the New World, and this tradition is still strong today. They say that America is the country where, so long as you have a dream and work hard, you can succeed at anything, making it a consistently popular destination for migrants. We have been helping our clients to move to the US since 1996 and our team of immigration lawyers and experts know all there is to know about US immigration law. Our service uses their expertise to help our clients make successful applications to move to the US to work, so what are you waiting for? Take our free assessment right now and see if you’re eligible to live and work in America.

Every application to live, work or study in the USA must also be accompanied by evidence relating to your medical and criminal history. You will be required to obtain a medical certificate from a recognised doctor in order to prove your health and a police report from your local authority in order to demonstrate your good character. If you would like any help or advice about obtaining these documents then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us right now. Our team of friendly immigration professionals are here to provide you with the first-class customer care for which we’re renowned. From years of experience in immigration, we understand that it can be an extremely testing time for anybody so having the right help and support is essential.

Many of our clients come to us looking for work in a new country. It may be that there are simply no jobs in their home country or they’d like to find a better paying job with better prospects abroad. No matter what the reason, our team are always here ready and waiting to help our clients find work in America. We have helped thousands of people to achieve their very own American Dream and below is just one example of a client we were able to help:

“I had been looking for work for quite some time before I realised that something had to change. Because, in my home country, there were so few opportunities for work that I could have stayed there forever without anything changing. I tried all sorts of different ways to find work before I thought of moving abroad, but I just wish I’d thought of immigrating sooner. When I went online to search for a solution to my problems, I quickly came across Global Visas’ website. I spent awhile on their site, looking at all the information regarding moving to America but was still unsure whether I was eligible, so I took their free online assessment. The next day a consultant spoke with me and told me that my skills and experience were needed in America, I couldn’t believe it! Working closely with him, we put together a great case for American immigration which was approved in just a few months. Living and working in America has been a dream come true and I have the hard work of the Global Visas’ team to thank.”