US K3 Spouse Visa

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The US K3 Visa allows our client to live in the USA with their American spouse. In order to be eligible for this visa you will, of course, have to be married to a US Citizen or permanent resident. This person will need to demonstrate that they have strong ties with America and show that they are financially able to support another person in their household. Unfortunately, same sex couples will not be permitted entry under the same laws despite of any different laws effective overseas. If you would like information about moving to the US with your partner, take our free online assessment right now to see if you qualify. Applicants for the US K3 Visa will not need to have received a job offer from an American company in order to be eligible.

One of the best things about this particular visa is that it is a route to permanent US immigration. After a few years the client will be able to apply for a US Green Card to make their American immigration permanent. If you would like more information on US K3 visas or more permanent routes to US immigration, why not give us a call right now? Our team are ready and waiting to hear from you and get your American adventure started.

US K3 Visas typically take several months to a year to process although it’s worth noting that the processing itself is not carried out by Global Visas. The US immigration authorities are the party responsible for processing and because of that, we are unable to give guarantees of timescales. So please do remember to wait for a successful outcome before you commit yourself financially to anything, such as travel tickets, which may be affected should there be any delay in processing. Immigration is often a long journey and having the expertise and guidance of Global Visas could make all the difference in your application. The government fees for this particular type of visa currently stand at around a few hundred dollars, although this amount is subject to change by the US immigration authorities.

All applicants to the USA must be able to demonstrate their good health and good character. This is a requirement set out by the US government in order to protect the interests of their country, in keeping potentially dangerous persons out. To demonstrate these points, you will need to obtain two documents. The first is a police report from your current country of residence which will be used as evidence to support your good character. The second is a medical certificate from a recognised doctor which is used to support your claims of good health. For any more information regarding this documentation or if you have any other questions about moving to the USA, contact us right now and we’d love to talk with you. We only employ the very best immigration specialists to provide our world-class customer service; their knowledge gives our clients complete peace of mind when moving to the USA.