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Though many visitors to the US will be covered by the Visa Waiver Scheme, there are several American visas for study, work, tourism and domestic reasons, some of which are discussed below. For information on permanent residence and the US immigration visa, see the US Immigration page, or get advice on your US visa form by clicking on the link above.

Visa Requirements for USA Studying

The main type of American visa issued for study is the F1 visa. This covers a wide age range, from primary school up to university. It also applies to those taking language training courses in the USA. Those engaging in non-academic or vocational courses in the US will need an M1 visa.

J1 Visa USA

This category of American visa covers exchange visitors on sponsored training or research schemes in the US. It is also required for many people wishing to work as au pairs or nannies, as well as for foreign nationals on internship schemes. For more on US visa requirements for exchange visits, see the J1 Visa page.

US Visas for Business

Foreign nationals who intend to conduct business in the US for longer than 90 days will require a B1 visa unless they qualify for visa waiver. In this context, business is limited to short-term activities such as litigation, signing contracts or attending meetings. To learn more about a US visa application for business and the E1 and E2 visas for traders and investors, see the US Business Visa page.

Work Visa USA

The US allocates non-immigrant work visas in several categories, including journalists (I), intra-company transferees (L1) and those working for international bodies (G1-4). It also considers applications for permanent residence for scientists, athletes, academics and many other professional, skilled and unskilled workers based on five categories of preference.

US Visas for Tourism

If you are not eligible for visa waiver or exemption you will require a B2 visa to travel to the US for a holiday or for medical treatment. Those in transit through the US will require a C1 visa.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCIS is the government authority overseeing all immigration matters. Visit this page to find out more about the USCIS and its role.

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