US Work Visas

Moving to the US to find work is part of the American national identity. The country was built on the hard work and determination of migrants looking to carve out a better life for themselves in the New World, and this tradition is still strong today. They say that America is the country where, so long as you have a dream and work hard, you can succeed at anything, making it a consistently popular destination for migrants. We have been helping our clients to move to the US since 1996 and our team of immigration lawyers and experts know all there is to know about US immigration law. Our service uses their expertise to help our clients make successful applications to move to the US to work, so what are you waiting for? Take our free assessment right now and see if you’re eligible to live and work in America.

We are offering everyone who contacts us our fast, FREE, friendly assessment from our experts to provide you complete peace of mind today.

We could expect to have your US Work Visa processed in just a few months after application. Because neither the times nor the length of processing are determined by us, and are instead dealt with by the US immigration authorities, we are unable to affect this. You should wait until your visa has been successfully processed before you purchase any tickets for travel, as there may be delays in processing. 

Sometimes we have to make tough decisions that will improve our futures. For many of our clients this means leaving their native country in search of work elsewhere. We’re always really proud when we’re able to help our clients make a fresh start with great new opportunities in a new country. This is just what happened to our client below:


“Moving to America completely changed my life. I had been out of work for a while in Dubai and needed to take the right steps for me and my future. I knew that I needed to go out and search for work, to make a move that would benefit me in the long run. At first I had no real idea about where I wanted to go, so I went onto IXP Visas’ website and had a look at all of the different countries that I was able to move to. America was one of my top destinations and I read up on the subject on the IXP website. Soon after, I took the free online assessment to see if I was eligible to move to the States and my case manager called to discuss my options. I was delighted to learn that I would be able to immigrate to America and that the whole process would only take a few months, I was so excited! Life in the States has been great. I’ve found a brilliant new job, with a little help from IXP, and have a brand new life here. I can’t thank IXP Visas enough for their hard work and expertise.”