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Since 1996 Global Visas has reviewed all clients upon completion of their case.  It has helped us develop into the world's leading specialist immigration consultancy providing immigration services for the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India and a continually expanding range of destinations.

We pride ourselves on the quality and completeness of every case we take on and we encourage our clients to express their opinions about our levels of service and provide a review to our team.  

Here are just a few examples of the type of client reviews we receive on a daily basis:

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" I recently had a Visa approved that I obtained through Global Visas. First off this was an absolute rush for me to get as I was planning on moving fast so I acted on the first agency I found which was Global Visas. Naturally on an impulse need I went with the first company I found without looking into the company as a whole. After looking online I had already having paid for the services, I became very concerned with the company being a scam.

I had read a lot of horror stories about this company and remained nervous for a week. The reason I am writing this is because I did not find a single positive review. Unlike the stories I read my case handler was very informative and commited to making my case a success. She was always on time for our weekly conference calls, always looking ahead to the next step, and always updating me on progress and the next document required.

Overall this was a very fast process, my paperwork went through in about 3 weeks without any set backs. I was very pleased with the level of service and commitment of all employees I had contact with.

This company did follow through with all commitments they made, and were carefully not to make promises, through mutual work the desired outcome was obtained.

Thank you Global Visas for allowing me to progress in the desired direction."


"I'm so happy with my case, thank a lot for global visa service, especially for my case adviser Simin! She is very patient and detailed, she contact with me once a week to make sure everything is in process, and also remind me necessary documents which haven't been done. And also Andy who helps me to do the application in home office, he is quite nice and experienced to make the application successful." 


"Divina is not only very knowledgeable about things pertaining to visas. She is also professional, and is someone you can count on...When Divina says she will do something, you can be sure it will be done. She has offered some very valuable advice, and has made this experience as easy as possible. It has been a pleasure having Divina as my case worker."


"Nothing to say - just excellent communication!"


"You know, good customer service is hard to come by these days and I am delighted to say that Global Visas have been an absolute breath of fresh air. For my US visa application I worked with Carl as the consultant in the UK and Yonki as the immigration attorney in the US and found both of them to be extremely professional, responsive and efficient, which has made this difficult process as painless as possible. They provided the necessary expertise but they were also very clear in how they described next steps, options and potential scenarios. My visa application (L1) was accepted at the first time of asking, which I understand doesn't happen every time, and this means we are ahead of the schedule we set ourselves. Looking forward to my new life in the US and am very grateful to Global Visas for the role they played. Cant recommend highly enough!"


"I am very delighted that i choose global visas.I really feel the security that i can reach my destination after i talked with my case manager GV thank you so much for your friendly entertaining and for helping me to understand all. Again thank you so much and God bless."


Thank you for giving me a chance to be one of your applicant in your good company. I know you could help me to find a good employer and a better job in Canada soon."


I highly recommend Simin's performance. She was very cooperative and kept me up-to-date on my case all the time. She is also brilliant in client adviser relationship. I really enjoyed my case handled by her"


Brilliant and perfect service, highly recommend. great service and very professional. Ali was great very efficient quick and reliable, answering questions and queries immediately. i obtained my working holiday visa within a month from start to finish. cannot wait for my adventure!!!!!!! cannot fault the entire process thanks again for helping me achieve my goals in Australia. from Alex a very happy customer."


I was really impressed with my Immigration Adviser, Ali. He was very helpful, explained things clearly and got back to me on queries at the date and time promised. I was surprised by how easy it was to get through to him via telephone or email, whenever I had questions.. which was fairly often!"


"Prompt replies and weekly updates/reviews on the progress of my application is definitely the most helpful aspect."


"I want to thank Jayson for excellent service and for all his friendly attitude and support during the process we went through with the application for my daughter's visa. He was an excellent case manager and kept us informed through the whole process. It was a great pleasure to work with him and we appreciate all the effort he put in. Thank you Jayson, you are great!!"


" I am pleased that the customer service is of very good quality regardless of there the enquiry is coming from."


"You have definitely taken off a huge load of stress with your assistance and knowledge. I feel confident with my application as your team has been very helpful in explaining the whole application process with me, in a clear and concise way."


"I think that Global Visas is exellent. I know I am paying 600 for my visa application and help, but I have already been told to obtain 3 documents that I did not know about and therefore would have missed out on my visa for another year without the help of Global Visas. And if i obtain my visa this Thursday due to Global Visas' help it will be life changing and 600 is a small price for that. Thank you for all the help."


"I feel comfortable with GlobalVisas team, and specially with my consultant. He is really very nice, and helping, and all the information i need, he provides me, and do all the needful for me.

Hhe guides me for each and every step, and i am very glad to be a part of GlobalVisas family.

I wrote only what I feel."


"I am a client of Global visa since 2012. From my experience I felt they were very helpful to go through my eligibility assessment in the starting. Then throughout each step of my case processing I found very responsible and helpful in each situation until now. I expect the same dedication and responsibility for the rest of my case processing."


"Your interactive client area (with personalized login id) is the best i have come across especially among your competitors. It really stands you out and the very courteous short response time with account managers is just fantastic, I just wonder if I can suggest any improvement because is just brillant. Am yet to feel other services, because I am still seeking employment but the much I have experienced is heart warming. I have already spoken to a few would-be clients of yours about your services and professionalism, people like me have been looking out for this kind of avenues, as you know there are so many scams out there. Please endeavour to keep it up and even improve on it; since there are always new grounds to cover. Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!"


"Everyone I've worked with at Global Visas has been great. They have been personable and attentive. They have patiently answered all of my questions and taken care of everything for me. It has provided great comfort and ease of mind to know that such professional people are handling my case and that I have nothing to worry about in obtaining my visa."


"My Case Manager keeps me updated regularly on the progress of my application (James Turner) and always responds to my messages in a very prompt time."


"Quick to respond when I ask questions and are as helpful as they can possibly be depending on the situation."


"This the second time that we have used Global visas. The first was to obtain a retirement visa to come to South Africa and we were helped both in Cape Town and from your London office. The result visas issued in record time.

We are now using Global Visas to obtain permenant residency paper work in and now with the home office, but still contacted every two weeks with updates,>

"Great service"


"I have found all aspects of the services from Global Visas to be extremely helpful. The staff are friendly, modest and very helpful. My case consultant has helped me understand everything I have had trouble with. I would highly recommend Global Visas to any friends or family. Fantastic service, Couldn't be happier."


"Polite staff

Solutions to problems and questions

Step by step updates

Skilled advise

Patient staff

Couldn't ask for anything better."


" I am writing to say that both Andrew and Chetan have been a lot of help up to now and I have recommended other to use global visas as they are helpful in all aspects of my visa case they answer my questions that I am struggling with they ring me each week to see how I am proceeding with my case and over all I am happy that i have made the decision to allow global visas to get my visa approved so I can go and live in Australia with my fiancé and baby to start a new life."


"I am really happy with the service I have received so far. I cannot really make any suggestions on what needs to be improved, because Global Visas has really treated me very well. From the relocation speciallist I initially talked to (Stephan Meyer) right through to my case worker (Rene Smith) I am happy. Stephan still makes contact with me from time to time just to check up on the process and know whether everything is still going well. I truly believe if all the relocation specialists and case workers can be like the two of them the company would reach new heights. With all their help we are in the 7th month of our immigration process and only awaiting a case worker from Australia to get onto the case and award the visa. It was so easy to give more than our full co-operation right through the process due to the good service we received."


"So far my experiences with Global Visas have been excellent, any queries I have had have been answered within 24 hours and any staff I have dealt with have gone out of their way to help me. I am looking forward to completing my visa application and relocation programme with you and have confidence in your team. Working with you has made this life changing decision a lot easier and allowed me to focus on all the exciting aspects of it.

Thank you!"


"I would just like to thank Crystal for all her effort and absolute dedication. Crystal managed to obtain our visas in record breaking time and we had an awesome vacation. Crystal is truly an asset to your company. Crystal a huge thank you for your effort and patience with me - I really appreciate it."

Mrs. & Mr. Datta Roy

"We are very much pleased to get our Canadian visa today.  
Thank you and Global Visa very much for great effort made by you
and by your firm."


"I'm really excited to be going to study in the UK. I'm so impressed at how quickly I got a visa - it's really awesome! Vaishali (my case worker) has been really patient and helpful, and I'm so happy that Global Visas could make this happen for me."

You can read more about Xiao's story on our blog. 


“Melody has answered our emails in a prompt and professional manner and explained things a number of times to teach us the best way forward as this can be very confusing with the amount of paperwork involved” and that he “would have no hesitation in recommending Global Visas due to Melody’s hard work and always setting us in the right direction and providing the best options.”

You can read more about Nicole's story on our blog. 


“My consultant did a great job as well as keeping me reassured when it took longer than expected. Happy with the service and of course the result, I will not hesitate to use Global Visas in future and recommend them strongly.”

You can read more about Jess on our blog. 


Just a quick email to let you know that I have been approved for Tier-1 UK immigration.  For my Global Visas review I would like to thank you most kindly for all your help, work, patience and support in the pursuit of it. I do appreciate all that you have done for me on my behalf.


Only to let you know that I am with my Canada visa already. Thanks God. Also want to thank you as you did a brilliant job. Congratulations!!! After God you were primordial in this process. Sarah and me are really happy with the results. Well done.

God bless you!!!

Mostafa H. 

I'd like to inform you that I got the Tier1 Visa.

It was my pleasure to have your help. I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. I might need your help in extending my Visa later.


I am proud to tell you that we were granted our Australia visas last week Thursday.  Thank you for all your help and will be getting hold of you in 2 years time to help with the next stage.


I got the visa! I've made my application on 27/03 and only two weeks from than it was ready.

I would like to thank you for your help - I guarantee it's almost impossible to do all things alone and check all documents only by myself.


My heartfelt thanks to you both. Not only did I get the visa but I got the visa in exactly 1 working day. It is a testament to how organized and thorough the paperwork was.
In addition, let me add that yours was the third agency i approached (the first agency was too busy to respond and the second agency actually said I didn't qualify based on my english language qualification!) I found GlobalVisas to be a refreshing change :) everyone was very nice and helpful from the word go.
Global Visas was reccomended by a friend and to be sure i shall be highly reccomending it further to all.
Thanks a lot again. i really appreciate it.


How are you and hope you are well.

My husband already got UK dependency visa for 4 years (same as my visa period). He only submitted last Friday and got the result today already. I think our documents are very good.

A big thanks to you and my husband can cook for me when he comes. I will live a better life. Enjoy your life as well.

Bless you!"

P. Ltd, UK Business

I am so pleased that your team are so helpful, I really appreciate it. (Now, if we are employing people from the EU we will certainly need assistance from Global. To date, you all have never let us down.


I wanted to let you know that my visa arrived yesterday.  Thank you very much for all your help.
I am planning to send out my resume shortly to potential employers.

Again, thank you for all your assistance.


Guys.. Just want to let you know I got passport back with my Tier 1 stamped for 3 years.  Thank you guys..


I have received my passport and other papers today, thank you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your help with getting my visa - you took a lot of the stress away from me and made sure that I would get the visa.  Your service was invaluable and I would definitely recommend Global Visas as a great service.

I am so looking forward to studying in South Africa.

Have a great Christmas - all the best for 2009.


I am glad to inform you that I have received the Tier 1 (General) Migrant Visa. Thank you and everyone at Global Visas for your efforts in obtaining this Visa. Your services were highly professional and prompt. I look forward to dealing with you in the future too.

Rajesh, Tejal, & Tushar

From the beginning I had a feeling that I was dealing with a very professional organisation, this instilled in me a great level of confidence, that if i had the chance to go to u.k. Global Visas was the best & the right agency. And by this i mean THE best in the world. Inspite of the fact that my visa application got rejected when i applied for u.k. through a local agency, called opellentus, Global Visas was sucessful in getting entry to my rejected case. There is one more thing about Global Visas, which i would like to say, they are very transparent & trustworthy in their dealings with clients, this is their greatest asset, which is the reason i think they enjoy such goodwill & name in the market. Thank you Global visas for being sucessful in getting my family the HSMP visa to U.K. & providing an opportunity & forever changing our course, towards helping us secure our happiness.


Thanks you very much for all your assistance with obtaining Phillip's Canada work permit, great job!


Thank you so much for everything. It goes highly appreciated and you go highly recommended to anyone i know in search of a visa.


I want to thank you and all your colleagues at Global Visas UK for assisting Prater Limited on Work Permits and the smooth conclusion of this process.


Dear Global Visas team,
Thank you very much for all your help and advice over the past few weeks to help me get my Indefinite Leave to Remain. There were a few hiccups, but we got there in the end.

Thank you all very, very much.


First chance to say thanks very much, absolutely delighted with my visa, out celebrating last night and probably for a few more nights too.
Many thanks - See you in Cape Town


Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! You are the best!!  Thanks for all your help!! Suzaan has just been to Pretoria and collected her passport with her UK Visa inside it!!!  I am so glad I used you guys and so glad you helped us. Thankyou!!!


I really don't have words to thank you, for helping and guiding me through the process of getting visa yes i got the visa stamping done on 15 Oct, the visa period is for three years from 15 Oct 2008 till 15 Oct 2011, thank you so much.

I also want to thank those who helped me through this process, please convey my thanks and regards to all.


"Dear Sir, I am very pleased with the professional service I received. They were very helpful and informative in guiding me in the whole process of filling my PSW application. Please pass my compliments and best wishes to both of them."


"Dear Sirs, please be informed that me and my daughter's applications for ILR and HSMP have been handled by our Global Visas consultant over the past few weeks.

During this time, I have found his service, advice and guidance to be of the highest calibre. His delivery has been on time and his follow up to queries has been excellent. He has been a constant source of confidence following a total misrepresentation from a previous immigration consultant which severely affected our applications.

I hold our consultant in the highest regard and knowing that he is in control of our applications is a source of assurance. I would recommend him to any colleagues who would undertake a similar application without reservation."


"I feel I was probably the weakest link in this chain and would like to thank all involved for persisting and completing the visa application even when at times i was in doubt and less than helpful.

Thanks to your professionalism I now have the chance to start a new life with my wife in Australia. Many thanks."


"I am extremely happy with the service provided by Global Visas as a whole, and in particular by my Client Services Manager. I couldn't have gone through the process without this service and all the support that has been shown and the advice given."


"The service I got was immaculate. You really worked hard on my case and helped me to win the losing case. Thank you."


"Although my case looks as if it has taken a long time to complete, this has been a deliberate action by myself and in no way reflects on the excellent service which I have received.

I would like to thank you all for your assistance and will have no hesitation in recommending you."


"A big thank you to Global visas for sorting out my visa so quickly. I would really like to thank my consultant, for being exceptionally helpful and friendly."


"An excellent service overall and i have already recommended three other clients to you all who our now applying for visas."


"Thank you for all your support and help in getting our HSMP visa renewal approved. We had some problems with staff when we first applied for our HSMP (1 year ago), but this time round the staff have been really helpful and accommodating - THANK YOU!"


"Excellent service, very impressed! Thanks very much for the support and communication on time."


"My designated client service manager was polite, helpful and exceptionally efficient each time we made contact. she is an asset to your company which is a rare commodity."


"I have always found your company to be very helpful thats why we came back after 5 years. The information was clear and up to date, and I am recommending you to my brother. Thanks very much for your service."


"You have been excellent and supportive all through the process - I would highly recommend you to any friends, family or colleagues in need of visa assistance! (and have done so...) Many Thanks."


"If you want professional, true and fair services go to Global Visas."


"It was a very smooth process helped mainly by the helpful and informative staff at Global Visas. I would recommend Global Visa to any person wishing to emigrate to another country. Kind regards A & J Whelan."


"Both consultants handled my situation with great expertise and professionalism and made the whole application process a lot more stress-free than it would surely have been without their help.

Initially I was planning to complete the visa application myself but have subsequently realised that I probably couldn't have managed it successfully and this would have meant having to apply several times which would have been extremely costly.

We're obviously delighted with the outcome and cannot praise you and particularly my CSM enough for all of their hard work. Many Thanks Nick & Andrea."


"I received a phone call today from my CSM to let me know that my visa application has been successful and am absolutely over the moon.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all her help and understanding, and to say that it has been an absolute pleasure to deal with her and all other members of your team.

I found every person and especially my CSM extremely helpful with instant answers for me, whenever I found myself unsure, I only had to call and my mind was put at rest.

I hope your company continues to thrive and wish all at Global the very best for the future. Thanks Mike, Mandy and family."


"I can not recommend our CSM highly enough - she is a true professional and a great ambassador for Global Visas.

She was always cheerful, understanding of my situation, and the difficulties that I sometimes had in putting the many pieces of information together whilst trying to run a business alongside everything else.

My questions and concerns were always dealt with in a professional manner and I was never left wondering what if.

Thank you for all the help and support - I really appreciate it. Kind regards Lynn."


"I found our CSM extremely professional, everything ran smoothly, emails were always replied to and questions asked were always answered.

We came to Global Visas via a recommendation and we would not hesitate to highly recommend you.

I have enjoyed corresponding with our CSM and shall miss her emails."


"I was very disappointed with the first firm I used. When I came to Global Visas it just seemed like they actually knew what they were talking about and that they actually stopped to listen to me...So all in all I am very pleased, thank you."


"We only ever really had contact with our CSM - I cannot fault her dedication to her job or to us as customers. We must've been a pain at times repeating the same questions but her service to us was faultless.

Her advice was extremely helpful - she always answered our questions or pointed us in the right direction. We felt extremely confident having our CSM deal with our case.

When there was a hiccup with the Case Officer in Australia, which could have caused us problems and a possible delay, she fought strongly for us and the matter was solved within weeks. She always gave us feedback when she said she would.

The time scales she gave us have been met with most of them prior to the timescale quoted.

There were times last year with all the initial form filling  that we felt like giving up but she kept us focused and said that would be the worst part and she was right. We couldn't have done this without using an agent - we definitely would've given up.

We would definitely recommend Global Visas to anyone wishing to migrate (my mother recommended you to us as you handled her migration). And we would definitely recommend our CSM.

Thanks to you all - this has only taken 1 year to go through - far quicker than we'd imagined it would. And please thank our CSM for her services. Tim, Sara, Kim and Reece Osborne."


"Thanks for a great service. We were really pleased with how you handled our case and with the help and advice given to us at all times. We would happily recommend you and your company."


"We think that our application was handled very well and would like to thank everybody."


"We were recommended to Global Visas via a previous client. We would not have known about your company otherwise.

We are surprised that no recommendations come via the government sites etc.. as from the outset we have been treated with the most professional attitudes from your staff especially our CSMs who we feel as though we  personally.

In the 10 months with our dealing with you we were always put at ease and confidence was instilled with the way in which our application was processed.

We are excited with the prospect of moving to Australia and with your professional guidance this will be made possible. Once again thank you Alun Jenkins and family."


"I would like to thank my CSM for all her kindness and help. I have been a client of Global Visas for four years and each time my visa was processed within two months as per your promise.

I have always had excellent service from Global Visas both here in the UK and South Africa. I will always use Global Visas for future visa and immigration matters."


"I cannot thank Global visas enough for all the help and advice they have given us. Our CSM was a godsend, very professional, always on hand when we needed clarification and very thorough.

I would like to thank her for all the help and support she has given myself and family. Having seen the pressure some of my colleagues are going through applying for visas, I am so glad we chose Global Visas as it has been relatively stress free. Thank you!"


"I have been very pleased with the way my application was handled. Other agencies were very vague and unable to give me a clear idea of visa possibilities.

My case wasn't so straight-forward and Global Visas were a world of help. Thanks again."


"As you can see from the answers above I'm highly delighted with the communications and service Global Visas have provided Arleen and myself. I would recommend Global Visas to anyone migrating and would like to thank all the staff for there help.


"Thanks for your help. I'm impressed that despite having a long weekend and an office move just before making my application you were really efficient, friendly and helpful the whole time."


"Excellent service with excellent result. Very professional but friendly and helpful also.

We would strongly recommend your service to others. Good value for money service."


"I have already recommended several friends whose cases are now being dealt with by Global Visas and I will continue to recommend them

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. God bless."