Philippines Tourist Visa

In the Philippines, visa applications for tourists may or may not be required depending upon the nationality of the candidate.

A Global Visas immigration consultant will be able to discuss the visa requirements for applicants from your country of residence with you.

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For applicants from countries that do not receive a visa-waiver and for those who wish to stay for a longer period than the visa free duration permissible for their country, it will be necessary to apply for a Philippines tourist visa.

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Who Can Apply for a Philippines Tourist Visa?

As outlined above, the most likely visit is short-term visa-free travel, often for up to 21 days may be permitted in the Philippines. However, for those who require a longer-term visa, a short-term fifty nine day visa is available.

Despite its title, the Philippines tourist visa is issued in three subcategories and makes provision for those travelling to the Philippines to conduct business activities, entering the country for health reasons as well as tourists and private visitors.

The tourist visa may be issued where a candidate is temporarily relocating to the Philippines in order to recover from illness or from serious injury. If the candidate is recovering from an illness this must not be contagious, nor pose any threat to the inhabitants of the Philippines.

Tourist visas issued for business visitors may be used to invest or to conduct a range of other business activities, however, like all versions of the tourist visa one is not permitted to work in the Philippines in any capacity and if you wish to do so you must apply for a Philippines work visa.

Applying for a Philippines visa - Eligibility Requirements

As a temporary visit visa, the requirements placed upon the applicant focus mainly upon their ability to financially support themselves whilst in the country, to demonstrate their intention to return to their country of residence once their visa has expired and to prove their identity.

Applicants will be required to submit a range of supporting documentation with their application, including:

  • A valid and current passport with a minimum of six months duration beyond the candidate's proposed date for departure from the Philippines, and
  • A valid return airline tickets or other proof of the itinerary of their stay.
  • The applicant must also demonstrate their financial ability to support themselves throughout their stay in the Philippines through bank statements, credit card account statements or other relevant documentation.

Your Global Visas immigration consultant will be able to discuss the accepted forms of documentation in detail with you as part of your initial consultation.

Spouse and Dependent Immigration

As a temporary visa with a short duration and no potential progress toward permanent residency in the Philippines, the tourist visa does not make provision for the applicant's family members.

The spouse or partner will not be included in the application and any such dependents wishing to accompany the main applicant to the Philippines will need to qualify for a Philippines visa in their own right.

To find out whether you qualify and to begin your application, just visit the Global Visas online assessment area. Taking the first step is simple with our straightforward online assessment forms; simply complete a form now and a specialist immigration consultant will contact you directly. Find out further information on our Philippines Work Visa page.