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In the Philippines, work visa applications must be submitted by all overseas nationals who intend to work in the country for any length of time.

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A Philippines work permit is based upon the candidate having a job offer in place. The applicant must also be sponsored by a company based within the Philippines.

The process of applying for a Filipino work permit will vary depending upon the duration of the assignment and the length of time that a client will be living and working in the Philippines.

Applying for a Philippines Work Visa

Depending upon the length of time a candidate intends to live and work, the Philippines visa application procedure will follow one of several courses.

  • Where a candidate will be relocating to the Philippines for less than six months they will be required to submit a Special Work Permit application.
  • However where the duration of an assignment exceeds six months, candidates may apply for a Philippines work permit either from within the country or from their own country of residence.

Eligibility Requirements

All work visas for the Philippines will require the candidate to have a sponsor in place, i.e. a Philippines based company. The offer of employment must be demonstrated through a letter of request from the sponsoring employer in addition to an affidavit of support and guarantee.

The applicant will also need to supply a range of supporting documentation including a valid passport, an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) already obtained from the Department of Labour and Employment and documentation regarding any accompanying dependents such as the applicant's spouse and children.

Leaving the Philippines

In the Philippines, work visa holders must notify the Philippines immigration services about their intention to depart the country. A letter of cancellation must be presented to the Bureau of Immigration and the client must return their Alien Employee Permit.

Family Immigration

The Philippines work permit is not issued as a means to permanent immigration however, as a means to live and work in the Philippines, this type of temporary immigration service may result in the applicant being present in the country for a lengthy period.

As such, the Philippines work visa extends to the immediate family members of the applicants.

In the Philippines, visas of this kind do not categorise unmarried partners, whether common-law or conjugal as dependents and as a result, only married partners may be included on the main candidate's application.

The husband or wife of the main applicant along with any dependent children may accompany the main applicant to the Philippines for the same duration and will be grated the opportunity to study in the Philippines should they choose to do so.

Dependents may only work in the Philippines if they obtain work authorisation in their own right. The opportunity to work is not automatically granted based upon the status as a dependent of a work visa holder.

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