Global Visas In The Press

Global Visas are often asked to comment on immigration trends for news/media outlets. Please find a range of articles below including our commentary, prognoses, and results of Global Visas surveys in the international press.

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The Washington Times

May 15, 2013 Global Visas compiles Top 10 weird foreign laws.

The Washington Times

April 2008: Global Visas' founder discusses migration habits in Europe and the reasons behind them



January 2008: Guardian story on moving abroad mentions Global Visas as a relocation consultancy providing a valuable service 



July 2007: Global Visas comment on criticism of immigrant checks 

August 2007: Global Visas comments on backdoor amnesty that may let immigrants stay in the UK 

June 2008: Global Visas founder discusses why Britons are leaving the UK during the economic crisis 

May 2013: Global Visas compiles a list of unusual laws from around the world 


Daily Mail

August 2007: Global Visas receives record enquiries to leave the UK



September 2007: Global Visas comments on link between record births to foreign-nationals in the UK and high numbers of Britons moving abroad 

May 2013: Global Visas explains laws abroad

March 2013: A Global Visas survey finds that a fifth of Britons don't know that they need to follow different laws abroad

March 2009: Global Visas comments on the popularity of Godzone for immigrants 


The Toronto Star

June 2008: Global Visas explain the dangers of using private, overseas companies for visa applications.

April 2013: Global Visas' service solves problems for Filipinos

 April 2013; Global Visas South Africa comment on BRICs visas


 May 2013: You can get in trouble with the law for spitting and swearing, explains Global Visas